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Workshop Topics

Our school workshops are suitable for children of all ages in primary education and our practitioners will always pitch a workshop at a level which is appropriate to the audience.

We have over 60 hours of workshop material; here are just a few of the generic topics we cover. 

If you want something specific, just ask by contacting us on 0115 9221113 or Email Us!


HUFF & PUFF - Key Stage 1& 2 (Olympics)

Teaches: Life Processes and living things

This workshop was designed for the 2012 Olympics and looks at  physiology, exercise; children build their own model of a lung.  


ALL ABOUT BALANCE - Key Stage 2 (Olympics)

Teaches: Forces, Scientific Enquiry

Footballers ability to run, dodge, jump and kick all requires a high level of skill and balance. In this workshop we investigate why balance is important to all sports stars. Experiments include finding your own centre of gravity and building your own balancing bird. We will also cover the importance of a balanced diet and effective hydration in this workshop; as well as other factors in optimising performance. 



Teaches: Physical Processes

A workshop designed to teach about the power, beauty and dangers of our nearest star.  



Teaches: Physical Processes (Light)

Using diffraction glasses children discover the makeup of light. Ultraviolet liquids and photoluminescence paper make this a truly memorable experience       



Teaches: Life Processes and Living Things

Superstar footballers are made of the same ‘stuff’ as the rest of us skeleton, muscle, skin…..this is a journey through our bodies to gain a better understanding of the wonderful things it does. Children will conduct a practical experiment in this workshop to extract real DNA from fruit.



Teaches: Physical Processes, Forces & Energy, Electricity

Edison, Faraday and Tesla, all names synonymous with the discovery of electricity Super cool and exciting experiments using electricity.



Teaches: Life Processes and Living Things, Micro-organisms

We look at what makes 'us' on a microscopic level. Kids will do some DNA extraction from a fruit, investigate micro-organisms, and take bacteria sample to grown in your very own lab!



Teaches: Physical Processes, Forces and Motion

We are not certain who to thank for inventing these, but they are not only a lot of fun, they also teach kids loads about mechanics, motion, energy...... In this workshop kids get hands on and become junior ENGINEERS when they design and construct their own catapult.



Teaches: Physical Processes, Forces and Motion, The Earth and Beyond

We are very proud that this series of classes was put together by NASA scientists for Mad Science and can cover a number of space related topics, Rocket Building/Launching, Space Phenomena to name a few. Most are suitable for KS1 and KS2, but some more appropriate than others - please contact the office to discuss you options.



Teaches: Physical Processes

Designing and building electrical circuits, will give children insight into this most important of physical processes     



Teaches: Materials and their properties

Using unique properties of dry ice to explain changing states a truly memorable demonstrative way                                                     



Teaches: Scientific enquiry

Observation and pattern recognition have been the underpinning of some of the greatest scientific discoveries. This workshop encourages children to see the patterns all around us!   



Teaches: Materials and their properties 

With children making their own slime (in an irreversible reaction) to reinforce the key concepts, this is an ever popular workshop                    



Teaches: Physical Processes, Force, Motion, Energy

Introduces pupils to the basic concepts of forces. Allows children to encounter their own force of gravity And to see what happens to objects when different forces are applied; this helps to illustrate things like gravity, racetrack, centrifugal, and centripetal force. Children also get to build a drag racer!      



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